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Balloon Shape Weights Pastel Mix x100pcs
Ref 220544

Balloon Shape Weights Primary Mix x100pcs
Ref 220537

6 Bags of Primary, 6 Bags of Pastel
Ref 220537/220544

Balloon Shape Weights - White x100pcs
Ref 220421

Balloon Shape Weights Primary Black x 100pcs
Ref 220575

Balloon Shape Weights - Bubblegum Pink x100pcs
Ref 220438

Balloon Shape Weights - Pastel Pink x100pcs
Ref 220445

Balloon Shape Weights - Pastel Lilac x100pcs
Ref 220452

Balloon Shape Weights - Pastel Ivory x100pcs
Ref 220469

Balloon Shape Weights - Pastel Light Blue x100pcs
Ref 220476

Balloon Shape Weights - Yellow x100pcs
Ref 220483

Balloon Shape Weights - Silver x100pcs
Ref 220490

Balloon Shape Weights - Purple x100pcs
Ref 220506

Balloon Shape Weights - Blue x100pcs
Ref 220513

Balloon Shape Weights - Red x100pcs
Ref 220520

Foil Balloon Weights White x 12pcs
Ref 222678

Foil Balloon Weights Light Blue x 12pcs
Ref 222692

Foil Balloon Weights Black x 12pcs
Ref 222708

Foil Balloon Weights Purple x 12pcs
Ref 222715

Foil Balloon Weights Green x 12pcs
Ref 222722

Foil Balloon Weights Fuchsia x 12pcs
Ref 222739

Foil Balloon Weights Pink x 12pcs
Ref 222746

Foil Balloon Weights Royal Blue x 12pcs
Ref 222753

Foil Balloon Weights Red x 12pcs
Ref 222760

Foil Balloon Weights Iridescent x 12pcs
Ref 222777

Foil Balloon Weights Silver x 12pcs
Ref 222784

Foil Balloon Weights Gold x 12pcs
Ref 222791

Primary Balloon Weights x100pcs
Ref 220551

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