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Home » Ribbons » 32mm Wire Edge Ribbon

Premium Wire Edged Sheer Ribbon. Perfectly structured with a wired edge for all design work and presentation.

32mm x 20m Royal Blue
Ref 223477

32mm x 20m Orange
Ref 223484

32mm x 20m Pale Yellow
Ref 223491

32mm x 20m White
Ref 223507

32mm x 20m Ivory
Ref 223514

32mm x 20m Light Gold
Ref 223521

32mm x 20m Gold
Ref 223538

32mm x 20m Copper
Ref 223545

32mm x 20m Yellow
Ref 223552

32mm x 20m Burgundy
Ref 223569

32mm x 20m Black
Ref 223576

32mm x 20m Pistachio Green
Ref 223583

32mm x 20m Lime Green
Ref 223590

32mm x 20m Red
Ref 223606

32mm x 20m Purple
Ref 223613

32mm x 20m Lt Blue
Ref 223620

32mm x 20m Turquoise
Ref 223637

32mm x 20m Lavender
Ref 223644

32mm x 20m Lt Pink
Ref 223651

32mm x 20m Fuchsia
Ref 223668

32mm x 20m Chocolate
Ref 223675

32mm x 20m Green
Ref 223682

32mm x 20m Deep Cerise
Ref 223729

32mm x 20m Fashion Pink
Ref 223699

32mm x 20m Aubergine
Ref 223736

32mm x 20m Navy Blue
Ref 223743

32mm x 20m Gold Bullion
Ref 223705

32mm x 20m Silver Bullion
Ref 223712
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