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With the popularity of the digital camera and home inkjet printing we bring you a balloon you can personalize using a photo from a digital camera, mobile phone or a scanned picture. No special software is required just use the basic software that is usually supplied with your inkjet printer, scanner or digital camera. It is fun and easy to do.

 Just 5 Easy Steps 1. After printing your test sheet, print your photo on the special photo label.  2. Simply peel the paper from the back of the photo.  3. Stick your photo on the uninflated balloon.  4. Use the enclosed alphabet stickers to personalize your balloon.  5. Take balloons to your nearest party store to inflate!

 Each Package contains: 1 - 21” Foil Balloon, 1 - 4”x6” Photo Quality Label, 2 - 4”x6” Practice Sheets, Removable Alphabet Stickers, and Easy to Follow Instructions.

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