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Our Balloon Program

Sempertex offers a complete range of latex balloons specially designed to fulfil and satisfy all needs of balloon art.

Developed in conjunction with leading specialists in the decoration field, Sempertex offers consistency

of shape and size to create a professional finished product.

Colour Range. With a palette of 80 colours to choose from, Sempertex balloons will work with any colour scheme. New colours are added every year as a result of our interaction with the market.

Superb Quality. Made of 100% pure natural biodegradable latex, free of fillers or any cost reducing agents, and manufactured with our own designed formulations. Sempertex assures the delivery of top quality products. Our quality commitment is to deliver a 98% perfect products, although most is close to 100%. A 2% is reserved by the factory as a safety margin for your estimations.

Easy & Soft Tie. Fingers count too. Generous long and soft necks allow you to enjoy watching the final result with a pleasant feeling in the hands and ready for the next job.

Longer Floating Time. Superior helium retention ensures the longest floating time possible, adding durability to your balloon decorations. A good barrier obtained through a well formulated film increases the helium retention. Very low levels of silicone are used on our balloons, therefore they are friendly to floating additives reaching optimum flying time.

Promotional Custom Printed Balloons. Sempertex can print up to 3 colours on 1 or 2 sides, 1 colour on 1 to 5 sides, All Over and Top prints. Our Promotional Balloons division is the right solution to your specific needs.

Round Balloons. The best option for the professional decorator with sizes from 5" to 3 ft.

Modelling Balloons. The 60 Series. Available in 160 - 260 - 360 - 660, real tools for professional artists.

Link-O-Loon™. Simply tie balloons together for your own creations. Perfect for designers and home decorators. Sizes 6" and 12".

Click here to download the Link-o-Loon Book (3.34MB)

Printed Balloons. On 1 or 2 sides and our Infinity All Over Printed Program, the perfect way to generate the best visual impact.

Stuffing Balloons. For soft toys and balloons available in clear or All Over Print.

Heart Shaped Balloons. Available in 6" and 11"

Made in Colombia since 1938